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Illuminate Your Adventures with the New LED Camping Light


Elevate your camping experience with our innovative LED Camping Light. Rechargeable via Type-C, this portable night light offers high transparency, anti-drop durability, and a creative atmosphere to enhance your outdoor escapades.

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Embark on a camping adventure like never before with our cutting-edge LED Camping Light. Designed to elevate your outdoor experience, this portable night light brings a perfect blend of functionality and creativity to your camping escapades.

Innovative Lighting Modes: Tailor the ambiance to your heart’s desire with two adjustable lighting modes. Choose between the built-in constant light mode or the soothing breathing mode, easily switched through touch buttons. Whether you prefer a steady glow or a calming breath-like illumination, our LED Camping Light caters to your mood.

360 Luminous Brilliance: Experience a new level of brightness with the 360 luminous light that is even, soft, and maintains efficient transparency. No more harsh lighting – our camping light provides a gentle and warm glow that enhances the overall atmosphere of your outdoor setting.

Durable and Versatile Design: Built for the rigors of outdoor adventures, our LED Camping Light is waterproof, resistant to falling, and exceptionally durable. The lamp’s unique shape, featuring a suspended LED filament design, adds a touch of aesthetic charm. The magnetic attraction LED, along with a flexible filament, allows you to bend the light at will for customized lighting angles.

Rechargeable Convenience: Stay powered throughout your camping journey with the rechargeable Type-C feature. Effortlessly recharge the 1500mAh Li-ion battery, ensuring your camping light is always ready to illuminate your surroundings.

Product Information:

  • Material: Transparent cover PC, base ABS
  • Size: 70mm*70mm*145mm
  • Battery Capacity: 1500mAh Li-ion battery
  • Lamp Life: 25,000 hours
  • Brightness: 6-55lm
  • Color Temperature: 2700K
  • Energy Efficiency Grade: G Grade
  • Protection Grade: IP20


Packing List:

Included in the package is the Ambient Light*1. Prepare to transform your camping nights into a delightful and creatively illuminated experience with our LED Camping Light.


Product Image:


Additional information

Weight 0.53 lbs
Dimensions 225 × 110 × 95 in

Dark Grey, Deep Space Grey, Elegant White, Green, White, Yellow

Electrical outlet



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