Academia Partnership

Academia Partnership

The governments of the United States of America and India are promoting joint science and technology activities and partnerships between U.S. and Indian researchers and entrepreneurs that would lead to Joint innovation and entrepreneurship. We plan to catalyze  the  strategic 

Industry Collaboration

Industry Collaboration

By 2025, India will have the world’s largest population, generating one of the greatest B2C opportunities in the world. The U.S. is the preeminent technology capital of the world. U.S. businesses have been the biggest investors in India since liberalization

Homeland Security & Disaster Management

Homeland Security & Disaster Management

The collaboration in these important areas is lagging behind which will benefit both Nations. Indian Police and border security forces lack a fully dedicated R&D agency who can translate their requirements to products and systems. We can  providing accurate, in-depth

US India Strategic Partnership

Strategic Partnership

Collaboration Mechanisms


Academia Collaboration


Industry Collaboration


US technology requirements

US Technology

India technology requirements

India Technology

US India Security Collaboration Areas


US India Technology Collaboration Areas

Technology Collab.

US Think Tanks

There are approximately 1830 think tanks in the United States • 60% of the world’s think tanks are either in North America or Europe • More than 90% of think tanks worldwide were created after 1951 • The number of

US Policy

Military policy (also called defence policy or defense policy) is public policy dealing with international security and the military. It comprises the measures and initiatives that governments do or do not take in relation to decision-making and strategic goals, such

US R&D Agencies

This is a list of United States federal agencies that are primarily devoted to research and development, including their notable subdivisions. These agencies are responsible for carrying out the science policy of the United States. Independent agencies National Science Foundation (NSF)

US Universities Research

Research universities are postsecondary institutions that devote a large portion of their mission, resources, and focus to graduate education and research. Currently, there are more than 250 of these institutions in the United States. Research universities such as Harvard, Stanford,

US Innovation

The mission of the Defense Innovation Board is to provide the Secretary of Defense, Deputy Secretary of Defense, and other senior leaders across the Department with independent advice and recommendations on innovative means to address future challenges through the prism

Silicon Valley Tech

Silicon Valley, in the southern San Francisco Bay Area of California, is home to many start-up and global technology companies. Apple, Adobe, Broadcom, CISCO, Facebook, HP, Oracle, Intel, Google are among the most prominent. It’s also the site of technology-focused

India Policy

India’s National Security Policy is based on  National Security Objectives and the components of National Power, weighed against the prevailing and assessed future domestic and global environment. It shall entail inherent right of self-defence, possession of deterrence capability, strategic autonomy,

India R&D

DRDO is the premier organization in India concerned with research and development in defence systems and military technology. Headquartered in New Delhi, it works in a variety of areas related to defence in its 52 laboratories across the country. CSIR

Indian Academic Networks

1. Global Initiative for Academic Networks (GIAN) Govt. of India approved a new program titled Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN) in Higher Education aimed at tapping the talent pool of scientists and entrepreneurs, internationally to encourage their engagement with

India Innovation

Government of India launched Make in India initiative   to encourage multi-national, as well as national companies to manufacture their products in India. An innovation ecosystem for Defence titled Innovations for Defence Excellence (iDEX) was launched in April 2018 by the

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