Elevate Your Aerial Adventures – F8 Long-Endurance GPS Quadcopter!

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Soar through the skies with the F8 Long-Endurance GPS Quadcopter, offering an impressive 28-minute flight time and a vast range of 2000 meters. This foldable drone features GPS intelligent tracking, gesture shooting, and route planning for a seamless aerial experience. Plan autonomous flight routes for creative and effortless aerial photography. The intelligent GPS system ensures features like one-key return, low power return, and no-signal return for worry-free flights. With brushless technology and a powerful battery, capture breathtaking moments with ease.

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Product Description

Embark on a new era of sky exploration with the F8 Long-Endurance GPS Quadcopter. This innovative drone is designed to redefine your aerial adventures, offering an exceptional blend of performance, intelligence, and ease of use.

Impressive Flight Capabilities: The F8 Quadcopter stands out with its remarkable 28-minute flight time, allowing you to explore the skies for an extended period. With a vast range map of 2000 meters, this drone opens up a world of possibilities for capturing stunning aerial footage and photographs.

Foldable Design for On-the-Go Adventures: Designed for convenience and portability, the F8 features a foldable design that makes it easy to carry on your adventures. The included storage bag with dimensions of 28 * 9.5 * 20cm ensures that your drone is always ready for takeoff, weighing just 750g.

Intelligent GPS Features: Navigate the skies with confidence using the intelligent GPS system. Enjoy one-key return, low power return, and no-signal return for worry-free flights. The GPS intelligent tracking and image following capabilities allow the drone to automatically follow your flight path, ensuring smooth and controlled navigation.

Creative Photography Made Effortless: Capture stunning aerial shots effortlessly with the F8’s advanced features. Use gesture shooting recognition within 1-3m from the aircraft to make camera gestures, and enjoy the convenience of image following with automatic follow-up flight. Plan creative routes for autonomous flights and take your photography to new heights.

User-Friendly Functions: The F8 is designed with user-friendly functions to enhance your flying experience. Utilize the fixed point surround feature to create captivating circular shots, and easily retrieve your aircraft with the aircraft retrieval function, accessible through the GPS signal icon on the map interface.

Powerful Battery and Brushless Technology: Equipped with a 7.4v 2500mAh battery, the F8 ensures a robust power supply for extended flight times. The brushless technology enhances efficiency and durability, allowing you to focus on capturing breathtaking moments without interruptions.

Product selling points:

1, gps1 key back to the take-off point, low power return, no signal return.
2. (1) GPS intelligent tracking; 2) image following: identify GPS signal for automatic follow-up flight.
3. Gesture shooting recognition: within 1-3m from the aircraft, make a camera gesture / camera gesture in front of the camera.
4. Route multi-point planning flight: the aircraft flies autonomously according to the set route, and the player takes pictures.
5. Fixed point surround: find the center point of the circle, and then move the desired circle radius through the rocker.
6. Aircraft retrieval function: click the GPS signal icon 3 times continuously to open the map interface. The map shows the distance, longitude and latitude position of the aircraft.


  • Product Number: F8
  • Product Name: Four-axis GPS Brushless Folding Aircraft
  • Battery Capacity: 7.4V 2500mAh
  • Product Development Size: 22 * 5 * 18cm
  • Product Folding Size: 9 * 5 * 14cm
  • Battery Charging Time: About 240 minutes
  • Flight Time: About 28 minutes
  • Aircraft Range Map: 2000 meters

Embark on a journey of discovery with the F8 Long-Endurance GPS Quadcopter – where the sky is no longer the limit! Capture, explore, and experience the world from new heights.

Additional information

Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 280 × 200 × 95 in

Single board


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